May, 2014

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The Apple v. Samsung War

For several years, Apple and Samsung have clashed around the scale almost unparalleled operating a business history, their legal war costing higher than a billion dollars and spanning four continents. Beginning with the super-secret project that produced the iphone as well as the late Steve Jobs’s fury when Samsung-an Apple supplier!-presented a shockingly similar device, Kurt Eichenwald explores the Korean company’s record of patent violation, among other callous business tactics, and describes why Apple might win the battles but nevertheless lose world war 2.

Following the first Apple v. Samsung trial in California this season, Apple also asked for a sales prohibit on Samsung’s infringing products. But because AppleInsider highlights, U.S. Disrtrict Judge Lucy Koh refused that request because Apple’s evidence didn’t sufficiently prove individuals products would harm its business. Apple is relying on similar evidence with this particular new trial, so there’s little chance the prohibit might be approved.

Similarly, there’s little chance Apple’s request a retrial might be granted. Apple claims a retrial is warranted based on prejudicial claims by Samsung for the jury, plus it demands the chance to demonstrate willful violation much more of their patents by Samsung.

The trial incorporated about 52 hrs of testimony, three hrs of opening arguments, and 4 hrs of closings. It covered in the invention in the technology is problem inside the situation regarding the damages should total. Apple contended with the trial that it’s situation involved Samsung, not Google, which Samsung replicated Apple from desperation. Samsung, meanwhile, contended that Apple’s suit involved harming competition and Android.

CNET particulars precisely what happened:

The thing that was this trial about?

For your latest situation, Apple sued against Samsung on Feb 8, 2012, accusing it of infringing several patents. Samsung then filed counterclaims against Apple. In Apple’s original suit, the business stated Samsung “has methodically replicated Apple’s innovative technology and items, features, and fashoins, and contains flooded marketplaces with infringing products to be able to usurp business from Apple.” Judge Lucy Koh purchased for your trial to start March 31.